Pine Needle Baskets

These pine needle baskets are made by coiling Long Leaf Pine Needles around a combination of Black Walnut Slices and/or decorative Base Boards. Nylon Threads are used to tightly bind the pine needles. Mostly dark brown thread is used but other colors are also used to create contrast.

All of these baskets can be used for functional purposes or as unique decorative pieces. They make memorable and unique gifts for any occassion.

Due to the nature of the natural craft supplies used in these creations, baskets may be slightly larger or smaller than the approximate measurement listed.

Hover over the images to see a magnified view. Click the links to see pricing and to purchase these unique handmade baskets.

Mother Basket

Red Blossom Basket

Nuts Galore Basket

Pinwheel Basket

Blue Bloom Basket

Maroon Rimmed 5 Nut Star Basket

5 Nut Star Basket

Accent Basket

Acorn Twisted Handle Basket

Twisted Handle Basket

Basket with Lid

Maroon 6 Nut Star Basket

Maroon 5 Nut Star Basket

Eye Basket

Daughter Basket

Leaf Basket

Red Eye Basket

Six Nut Star Basket

Rimmed 5 Nut Star Basket

Turquoise Accented 6 Nut Star Basket

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